Check out 10 tips for a good night’s sleep

The day hectic and stressful day with lots of information and problems to solve, ends up compromising nights sleep of many people. Anxiety and bad nocturnal habits can also lead to insomnia, evil has already reached about a third of the world population by Sandra Rosenfeld, book writer Sleep Well and Wake for Life, the publisher of the New Age Group Record. “Insomnia is not a disease but a symptom that there is something wrong happening to us, which can be emotional, psychological, medical or even environmental, and that is interfering in our nights of sleep,” says Sandra.

Quieting the mind is essential to relax, but many insomniacs do not know how to achieve this. “Meditation is a powerful tool to achieve that goal. There are several ways and meditation techniques that help you relax, quiet your mind and faciltar our sleep,” says Sandra, who gives 10 meditation tips and nocturnal habits to have a good and restorative night’s sleep:

1) Lie down, close your eyes and divert attention from thoughts to your breathing and your heart rate. Notice how your emotions are, how is your body, if there is any point of tension and relax, dimuindo the rhythm of breathing until it is very slow. Every time the thought comes, change the focus to the breath.

2) Lie down, close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply through your nose and exhale too deeply and slowly through your mouth. During each breath, follow the air in your nostrils and out the mouth and the way it does for your body. Repeat inspiration and always slow exhalation and deeply several times.

3) Laying and eyes closed, make three full, deep breaths, inpirando and exhaling slowly through your nose. Then, breathe normally, watching, letting go and relaxing each part of your body. Start the scalp, through the face, neck, neck, shoulders, arms – one at a time – back muscles and spine, front of the body, hips, legs – one at a time – until you reach the tip of the toes . Finalize doing again three breaths, the way it started.

4) Take a glass of warm milk before bedtime. There is legend, the milk has the amino acid tryptophan that ralaxa muscles and induces sleep.

5) Make a light walk or light exercise a few hours before bedtime.

6) Keep the temperature of the nice room, avoid light and see if the mattress and pillows are in good condition.

7) Take a warm bath, brush your teeth and wear pajamas. They are habits that condition us to sleep.

8) Opt for light meals before bedtime, avoiding red meat, fried foods and fats.

9) Avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking four to six hours before bedtime because they are stimulants.

10) Think of the problems, solutions and tasks up to two hours before bedtime. Then be entertained only with what can calm and relax.

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