Much has been said about nutritional education, but does not fit better food education or nutrition education? Reeducate means making education and education means the act of educating, development process of physical, intellectual and moral capacity of human beings.

Nutrition education includes something more complex, is a process, ie, in addition to changing eating habits, there is a learning that is healthy, keeping aspects of the individual, is the construction of knowledge, experience.
For each understand and acquire good eating habits and transmit it is necessary that the person actually participate in the process. She should want to know the food, their functions in the body, its important to understand why these foods are recommended.
Power should not be imposed as fixed, restricted, which manages sacrifices. It should be something planned according to the preferences of the person and especially taking into account, habits and customs, respecting cultural aspects, all with very good sense, and of course with the necessary nutritional balance.

It is very important that the teacher respects the individuality of the person and know their current habits, so that slowly introduce what is necessary to improve and encourage to continue keeping what is good, thus ensuring good nutrition.

Changing habits is not easy, but possible. It is an educational process and should be seen that way, with mistakes, successes, slips, relapse, won stages and all that will be necessary in this process. All in search of health of body and mind, and remember all your time!

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