How to lose weight with the race: step by step

It has very corridor, and love to their past, also think about losing weight with running. But how to do this in a healthy way? We raised five killer strategies (and simple) that will make your goal is achieved in a safe and sustainable manner.

1. The first step to lose weight with the race should be given off the streets and mats. Before you need to seek medical attention for you to perform tests that will show if you are fit or not to start practicing the activity. The most common tests are the stress test, complete blood count and echocardiogram, but other tests may be required, depending on the assessment made by the health professional.

2. lose weight with the race is not synonymous with hurry. If you are leaving now sedentary lifestyle, you should start slowly, respecting their limits. Interim walk with a very light trot, allied to some strengthening exercises joint preparation for the activity, it is ideal for those who are out of inertia. This is because these training stimulate the body to develop physically, in addition to using fat as an energy source.

3. To reach your goal and lose weight with the race is important that you feed well, that is, eat everything, but with balance. No excesses, your plate should contain foods from the three groups – carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Before training, give preference to complex carbohydrates such as bread, toast and whole oats and rice. They help the body to use fat as an energy source and to maintain the income in the race. Proteins (meat in general, legumes, dairy products) and fats (butter, margarine, oil, olive oil, nuts etc.) may also be used at this time, but in smaller quantities.

4. Have you tried to run and ended up stopping? To prevent this from happening again, the key is to vary your workouts. In addition to promote the rapid growth of income, this alternation helps the runner to become more motivated and focused. Another suggestion is to draw detailed goals and track your progress periodically. Put short goals, based on the percentage of body fat, weight and kilometers traveled, for example, it helps keep motivation high.

5. Some types workout more favoring fat burning others. So it is important that you follow aplanilha respecting the activities planned by the coach. Exercises that keep the heart rate in the range of 60% to 70% are the most suitable. And be warned: to get lose weight with the race using fat as an energy source, the training should reach for as long as possible cardiac track already determined during exercise testing (or cardiopulmonary exercise).

(Sources: José Carlos Fernando, “Professor Zeca”, technical director of sports advisory ZTrack Sport and Health, and Luis Ricardo Alves de Souza, nutritionist graduate degree in sports nutrition and who heads the Clinical nutrition Easy)



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